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About CJ Games

The game of Mysticora is brought to you by Channing Jones Games
Our complete address is as follows:

Channing Jones
Klever Str. 115
47533 Kleve

Telephone: +49-178-1320436

Development director: Channing Jones
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Trade Registry Aachen No.: HRA 4737

Privacy Policy:

  • We use Cookies on various parts of our site (e.g. the forum) for your convenience. We do not build user-profiles with them.
  • We use personal information you have given us only to send you Mysticora turns, ensure proper billing and inform you about new products and specials. We do not share that information with companies outside of CJ Games.
  • You can view or edit your personal information stored at CJ Games at any time by going to the registration site again.
  • You can have your account deleted together with all your personal information at any time by sending us an email. Note that we will keep your personal information for billing purposes until your account level is in balance. Also note that deleting your account will imply your permanent removal from all games of Mysticora that you have joined.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for web-sites not belonging to CJ Games that we have links to.

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