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alternative skill to character class table
(missing skills are considered 'exceptional')
character class skill name relation
alchemist alchemy basic
alchemist arcane lore basic
alchemist witchcraft related
alchemist ritualism related
alchemist literacy related
alchemist runecraft related
alchemist science/philosophy related
assassin using crossbows basic
assassin assassination basic
assassin using short blades basic
assassin using throwing arms basic
assassin stealth basic
assassin using blades basic
assassin using blow pipes basic
assassin using thrusting blades related
assassin personal combat related
assassin using ropes related
assassin adventuring related
assassin using bows related
astrologer arcane lore basic
astrologer astrology basic
astrologer charting related
astrologer clairvoyance related
astrologer ritualism related
astrologer literacy related
astrologer mathematics related
astrologer science/philosophy related
astrologer spying related
bandit using bows basic
bandit using clubs basic
bandit using crossbows basic
bandit using short blades basic
bandit using thrusting blades basic
bandit using longbows basic
bandit personal combat basic
bandit stealth basic
bandit using blades basic
bandit scouting related
bandit spying related
bandit stealing related
bandit formation combat related
bandit kidnapping/escaping related
bandit mounted combat related
bandit foraging related
bandit discovering/disarming traps related
bandit adventuring related
bard arcane lore basic
bard linguistics basic
bard literacy basic
bard musicmaking basic
bard persuasion basic
bard sorcery related
bard ritualism related
bard leadership/oratory related
captain using short blades basic
captain using spikes basic
captain using thrusting blades basic
captain formation combat basic
captain leadership/oratory basic
captain mounted combat basic
captain personal combat basic
captain tactics basic
captain using axes basic
captain using blades basic
captain negotiation related
captain using throwing arms related
captain using slings related
captain using shields related
captain administration related
captain using bows related
captain using chain arms related
captain using clubs related
captain using crossbows related
captain using firearms related
captain using great axes related
captain using great blades related
captain using great spikes related
captain using pole arms related
conjurer arcane lore basic
conjurer conjuring basic
conjurer ritualism basic
conjurer literacy related
conjurer animism related
conjurer persuasion related
conjurer clairvoyance related
druid animism basic
druid healing/medicine basic
druid ritualism basic
druid foraging related
druid praying related
druid scouting related
druid arcane lore related
druid clairvoyance related
druid conjuring related
engineer construction basic
engineer smithing basic
engineer using spikes related
engineer literacy related
engineer lock picking related
engineer mathematics related
engineer mining/surveying related
engineer personal combat related
engineer science/philosophy related
engineer using clubs related
engineer using great spikes related
evil priest leadership/oratory basic
evil priest praying basic
evil priest necromancy related
evil priest literacy related
evil priest assassination related
evil priest using short blades related
evil priest witchcraft related
herald heraldry basic
herald negotiation basic
herald persuasion basic
herald literacy related
herald administration related
herald leadership/oratory related
herald linguistics related
hunter using bows basic
hunter using clubs basic
hunter adventuring basic
hunter using crossbows basic
hunter using ropes basic
hunter charting basic
hunter using short blades basic
hunter using slings basic
hunter foraging basic
hunter using longbows basic
hunter scouting basic
hunter using blow pipes basic
hunter using axes related
hunter using blades related
hunter stealth related
hunter mounted combat related
hunter personal combat related
hunter healing/medicine related
hunter using throwing arms related
hunter discovering/disarming traps related
hunter using staves related
hunter using great axes related
hunter using pole arms related
hunter using firearms related
illusionist arcane lore basic
illusionist illusionism basic
illusionist ritualism basic
illusionist literacy related
illusionist persuasion related
illusionist runecraft related
illusionist stealth related
magesmith smithing basic
magesmith runecraft basic
magesmith using spikes related
magesmith ritualism related
magesmith mining/surveying related
magesmith personal combat related
magesmith alchemy related
magesmith using great spikes related
magistrate administration basic
magistrate leadership/oratory basic
magistrate literacy related
magistrate negotiation related
magistrate persuasion related
magistrate trading related
medic healing/medicine basic
medic science/philosophy basic
medic literacy related
medic alchemy related
medic assassination related
merchant negotiation basic
merchant trading basic
merchant persuasion related
merchant mathematics related
merchant navigation related
merchant administration related
merchant linguistics related
merchant literacy related
mystic arcane lore basic
mystic ritualism basic
mystic chronomancy basic
mystic literacy related
mystic mathematics related
mystic necromancy related
mystic witchcraft related
mystic white magic related
mystic illusionism related
mystic alchemy related
mystic astrology related
mystic clairvoyance related
mystic conjuring related
mystic animism related
mystic runecraft related
mystic science/philosophy related
mystic sorcery related
necromancer arcane lore basic
necromancer ritualism basic
necromancer necromancy basic
necromancer witchcraft related
necromancer leadership/oratory related
necromancer assassination related
necromancer conjuring related
noble administration basic
noble using chain arms basic
noble using great axes basic
noble using great blades basic
noble using great spikes basic
noble using pole arms basic
noble using shields basic
noble using spikes basic
noble using thrusting blades basic
noble leadership/oratory basic
noble mounted combat basic
noble personal combat basic
noble using blades basic
noble using axes related
noble tactics related
noble negotiation related
noble heraldry related
noble using short blades related
pagan priest leadership/oratory basic
pagan priest praying basic
pagan priest foraging related
pagan priest healing/medicine related
pagan priest administration related
pagan priest conjuring related
pagan priest animism related
priest administration basic
priest healing/medicine basic
priest leadership/oratory basic
priest praying basic
priest literacy related
scholar arcane lore basic
scholar linguistics basic
scholar literacy basic
scholar mathematics basic
scholar science/philosophy basic
scholar navigation related
scholar tactics related
scholar heraldry related
scholar construction related
scholar healing/medicine related
scholar alchemy related
scholar astrology related
scholar charting related
scholar administration related
scholastic mage runecraft basic
scholastic mage ritualism basic
scholastic mage arcane lore basic
scholastic mage literacy related
scholastic mage astrology related
scholastic mage illusionism related
scholastic mage mathematics related
scholastic mage science/philosophy related
seer clairvoyance basic
seer spying basic
seer animism related
seer ritualism related
seer negotiation related
seer persuasion related
seer conjuring related
seer arcane lore related
ship captain charting basic
ship captain using thrusting blades basic
ship captain leadership/oratory basic
ship captain naval tactics basic
ship captain navigation basic
ship captain using blades basic
ship captain using axes related
ship captain negotiation related
ship captain personal combat related
ship captain using short blades related
ship captain using throwing arms related
ship captain using great spikes related
ship captain administration related
ship captain using firearms related
sorceror persuasion basic
sorceror sorcery basic
sorceror arcane lore related
sorceror clairvoyance related
sorceror conjuring related
sorceror ritualism related
sorceror literacy related
sorceror negotiation related
spy sabotaging basic
spy spying basic
spy stealth basic
spy linguistics related
spy lock picking related
spy adventuring related
spy discovering/disarming traps related
thief using clubs basic
thief using short blades basic
thief discovering/disarming traps basic
thief using throwing arms basic
thief using thrusting blades basic
thief kidnapping/escaping basic
thief lock picking basic
thief sabotaging basic
thief stealing basic
thief stealth basic
thief personal combat related
thief adventuring related
thief assassination related
trickster legerdemain basic
trickster persuasion basic
trickster stealing related
trickster stealth related
trickster adventuring related
trickster kidnapping/escaping related
warrior using bows basic
warrior using chain arms basic
warrior using clubs basic
warrior using crossbows basic
warrior using firearms basic
warrior using great axes basic
warrior using great blades basic
warrior using great spikes basic
warrior using pole arms basic
warrior using ropes basic
warrior using shields basic
warrior using short blades basic
warrior using slings basic
warrior using spikes basic
warrior using staves basic
warrior using throwing arms basic
warrior using thrusting blades basic
warrior using whips basic
warrior mounted combat basic
warrior personal combat basic
warrior using axes basic
warrior using blades basic
warrior using blow pipes basic
warrior tactics related
warrior using longbows related
warrior leadership/oratory related
warrior formation combat related
warrior adventuring related
warrior monk using pole arms basic
warrior monk using shields basic
warrior monk using spikes basic
warrior monk using staves basic
warrior monk mounted combat basic
warrior monk personal combat basic
warrior monk praying basic
warrior monk using blades basic
warrior monk tactics related
warrior monk using axes related
warrior monk literacy related
warrior monk formation combat related
warrior monk using thrusting blades related
warrior monk healing/medicine related
warrior monk leadership/oratory related
warrior monk using short blades related
warrior monk using great spikes related
warrior monk administration related
warrior monk using great axes related
white mage arcane lore basic
white mage white magic basic
white mage ritualism basic
white mage literacy related
white mage healing/medicine related
white mage praying related
white mage science/philosophy related
witch witchcraft basic
witch ritualism basic
witch persuasion basic
witch healing/medicine related
witch assassination related
witch animism related
witch alchemy related
witch arcane lore related