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The Creation of the World As told by the Sages and Archphilosophers

There had always been nothing and never to be was anything. Then, unexplicably, there was something, and it was purposeful, and it shone out the first light that filled the void and illuminated the world. This was good, but not good enough.

Then, when an eon had passsed, the world changed, for the purpose was not to be unchangeable, inevitable indeed, instead it had to be chosen. So the purpose withdrew in parts, and in its wake grew meaninglessness, namely all that is without purpose. Thus the purpose named itself light, for it could be anywhere, and everywhere it chose to be it could, and only in its absence there could be the other and thus it was named dark. But because of this the darkness hated the light and strove to engulf the light, but it could not. Thus swore the dark always to be where the light was not, so at least there be none other.

But this was not good, and so when another eon had passed, there came to be another. One that was both light and dark but also neither. So the darkness hated this too, for although there was no light where it was, there was was also no darkness there. But the darkness also saw that the light wanted it to become like light, and that it hated more than anything, So the darkness sought that it not become light. Thus that what was both and neither became torn with indecision, and it parted itself many times in parts great and small, and each part chose to be like dark or light or remained yet undecided.

So it was then and is now, and when the last choice by the lowest of parts is made, so say the ones, that what prevails will be all, and the other no more. Thus it will finally be good or not. But others say, that the final word will never be spoken, that there will always be indecision, and that, finally, will be good.