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Example Setup

This is an actual player setup from Aliferis Georgios, who graciously gave permission to publish this:

1] General Parameters

a)Personal Parameters

a.01>first name      :Gilmroen
a.02>family name     :Dabradae
a.03>class           :warrior
a.04>name presented  :Gilmroen of the Dabradae
a.05>language        :Dwarvish, Kynthexian
a.06>age             :nearly medium
a.07>sex             :male
a.08>weight          :medium
a.09>race            :dwarf
a.10>people          :Dwarves of the Kynthex Region
a.11>social class    :noble
a.12>faith           :Petraxtor
a.13>place of origin :Kynthex (habitation of dwarves)
a.14>appearance text :"A thickset, sturdy-looking individual, his
weird brown-bearded figure solemn and taciturn. He wears a fine suit of
chain mail armor, which sparkles as it reflects the light, whereas a
pair of obviously perished, though well cleaned, travelling boots
contrasts the rest of his clothing. He lets a large two-handed battle axe
rest upon his right shoulder, while holding it from its one end with his
a.15>greeting text   :"May your generation blossom eternally, whoever
you may be, oh stranger, I greet thee."
a.16>background text :Born in a family of warriors, Gilmroen has
been brought up with the ideals of nation, religion and family. He is proud
of his folk and will regard offensive words towards his 'country' (as he
calls the dwarvish habitation) or his compatriots as though addressed to
his person. He is certain to claim an apology from those who utter these
words and in case they do not excuse themselves,he will react  rather
violently. Additionally, he worships Petraxtor with great devotion,
believing him to be the only true God. Although  he is not bothered by
others who have a different religion, he is never to trust them
completely. However, should anybody dare to insult 'the One Deity', may
divine intervention save him! His fanatical religious beliefs make him detest
every kind of magic andthose who exercise it. Whenever he encounters such
persons, he rather tends to avoid even greeting them, not to speak about
discussion. Of course, as every other of the Dabradae generation, he respects
the ideal of Family and pays tribute to the Anscestors, whom he considers
to be a link of intervention between Petraxtor and the material plane.
   The heroic death of his father, who had been a champion of the king 
himself, in the Great Battle of the Grudzuk dungeon against an orcish
invasion left him in deep sorrow. However, he vowed to revenge by
dedicating hislife to the purpose his father had strived for, the elimination
of evil in Perditia. Consequently, he commenced training to eventually
become a highly competent warrior. He entered the army of Dwarves as a
simple soldier, but his remarkable abilities soon attracted the King's
personal attention, who saw in Gilmroen an honest and moral personality, 
eventually honouring him with the title of champion. Gilmroen was well
aware that this position involved perilous undertakings, such as
accomplishing missions in the dreaded places of Chaos Wastes or even
delving into unexplored dungeons. He realized though that this was his 
destiny and what he really wanted to do. Consequently, he cast himself into his
new responsibilities.
   Whenever he is committed to a specific quest, apart from those of 
mass military purposes, he travels incognito. Only in the Dwarves' habitation
is his actual identity known.
Despite the fact that he has been holding the 'champion' post for only one 
year, his deeds and feats have already started to be somewhat known, a fact
which has gained him a small reputation among his compatriots, who sometime mention
that this young lad is quite courageous. 
   However, Gilmroen himself does never boast or claim any reward for his
deeds. He believes that power of any kind is a threat for the purest
among the purest. In his opinion, having a 'clear' conscience and leaving
simply are priceless gifts one can make to oneself. Finally, in case that
no mission has been assigned to him, he serves the King by training the
selected young individuals who are to defend their country when compelled
by the circumstances to do so..
   This belief of his is profound in his way of life. He has always lived
in the small house of his anscestors with his beloved wife, Berdinel,
to whom he was married right after the death of his mother.They have a 
three-year-old son named Oin, who has taken after his father's decisive
character and his mother's beauty. The only fact that somehow grieves
Gilmroen is Oin's disability in his left hand. However, he has completely
accepted this as a natural fact and tries to nurture Oin with the ideals
he himself was brought up. According to him, a warrior's effectiveness is 
primarily dependent on his character rather than on his corporal
abilities. Apart from that, he has recently erected a small temple in the yard
of his house, in which he makes his everyday prayer to Petraxtor.   
He has also built a stable, which serves as an accomodation and feeding 
place for Xort, a fearless strong pony, which has loyally served its
master as a steed. Gilmroen treats this animal with great care as a minimum 
recognition of its services.
   Leaving aside insults  concerning religion or rational subjects made to
him, Gilmroen is generally a straightforward, sincere and really taciturn
person. He never tries to provoke others or foolishly boast about anything,
although he knows what he is worth.So, when he feels he is being unfairly
treated, he always claims his rights, without insulting anyone. Violence
nearly always remains his last resort; however, once outraged to it, he
becomes a ferocious and terrifying opponent. He owns a two handed battle
axe, which he is able to wield very effectively if encountered in combat.
As a second weapon, he has a short sword sheathed on his belt, that he
may use where the axe is ineffective. When he travels, he carries a
backpack which contains the following:                     
- 50 shillings (in a seperate pouch)                                 
- some food (5 days rations)                                 
- a 30m strong, light rope                                       
- two hard stones for lighting fire
- a flask containing some kind of liquid (usually water)

b)Building Parameters

b0.1>name            :Erdibren
b0.2>owner           :Gilmroen of the Dabradae
b0.3>appearance text :"You are standing in front of a common dwarf's
townhouse, its most remarkable feature being its resemblance to a somehow 
shrinked human's house. However, a second look reveals an ediffice able
to sustain even the roughest of the weathers. A plain, yet functional 

c)Player Position Parameters

c0.1>name                   :Followers of Gilmroen of the Dabradae
c0.2>coat of arms           :Two black, crossed war axes on a yellow background
c0.3>setup location area    :inside the habitation of Dwarves

2] Disribution Of Points

       | Gilmroen of the Dabradae (a champion) 4th level warrior        |
       |  with personal combat and using great axes at level 4      + 64|
       | -1 to supernaturalism attribute                            -  5|
       | +1 to quickness attribute                                  +  5|
       | +1 to strength attribute                                   +  5|
       | +0.6 to willpower attribute                                +  3|
       | 2 points of divine grace (fanatical)                       +  5|
       | adventuring skill at level 1                               +  6|
       | using short blades at level 1                              +  3|
       | personality trait of brave                                 +  5|
       | 800 shillings                                              +  4|
       | small townhouse                                            +  5|  
       |                                               TOTAL      :  100|