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An Example of a Player Move

ball with numbers

Here is an example of a turn how it would be sent in by the player (e.g. as an e-mail):

begin_mys(1, 734, "Hans Musterman", 582, "mysecret")

set_position_parameter($TRANSLATE_MESSAGES, $YES)
set_position_parameter($DEFAULT_RETRIES, 1)

move(,, "Army of the Dead", "547")
if in_same_area("Army of the Dead", "65/37") then plunder(, 30,, Army of the Dead, $ALL)
cast_spell(, 1, "Dr Doom", "zal-bel-urzx-gogth-ram")
train(, 60, "Shorty Onehand", "stealing", 3)

cast_spell(, 1, "Dr Doom", "zal-bel-zal-gogth-nixfor") 
;why didn't this work last time? assassinate(, 3, "Bloodblade", "MacMoneysac") set_date("19-Ice-501") transfer_item("Skully Sally", "Horse Transport 5", 5, "timber", 17000,
"shillings", 325, "iron")
;using defaults for date, retries and repeats steal(,1, "Bloodblade", "Ye Merchant's Guild", $ALL, "shillings")
;using default date, 1 retries
and default repeats transfer_item(,,2,"Bloodblade", "Skully Sally", $ALL, "shillings")
;using default date and retries
and 2 repeats set_date("20-Ice-501") if character_status("Bloodblade", "imprisoned?", $YES) then rescue(, 5, "Shorty Onehand", "Bloodblade", 1, 5) if in_possession("Horse Transport 5", 5, "timber", 17000, "shillings", 325, "iron") then _
move(,, "Horse Transport 5", "2345453",, $WALK) if in_possession("Skully Sally", 0, "timber", 0, "shillings", 0, "iron")
and (is_weather("good") or is_weather("medium")) then sail(,, "Skully Sally", "2341245") ; P.S.: here are some commands train("21-Ice-501", 26, "Shorty Onehand", "stealing") train("21-Ice-501", 26, "Bloodblade", "assassination") train("17-Ice-501", 28, "Dr Doom", "necromancy") end_mys() remarks: Why didn't Dr. Doom's spell work last time? Why didn't my army move correctly last time? Otherwise, I really like your game.