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General Information

org chart Game Components

  1. The general structure:
  2. There are highly detailed and realistic simulations of three main aspects of the game:

    • the heroic subgame (with the depth and detail used in pen and paper RPGs)
    • the military subgame (based on facts and research of military history)
    • the economic subgame (using an economic simulation engine encompassing the whole populated game world)

  3. Some notes on the game organization:
  4. For the proper game we are planning a minimum turn rhythm of one week. It will be possible and often recommendable though to play with a longer turn rhythm, due to the possibility of giving orders for the distant future (up to 4 weeks in advance).

    Go here to get a detailed explanation of the turn procedure.

    For the trial game we will most probably not be able to acheive such a fast turnaround. We will hopefully be able to offer a two week turn rhythm. Please note though that the game does not work with a fixed date by when you have to send your turn. Every day the computer will simulate a few days of the game world. You can therefore send in your turn anytime you please and ask for your turn results any time later. The only condition being that you may not fall below the minimum turn rhythm (e.g. one week for the proper game).

    The input/output language for Mysticora can be selected individually. At the moment we will be able to offer either English or German. There will be no separate German or English game, all players will participate in the same game.