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News Archive

News Archive
Apr 13, 2012(advertising space)
Jun 04, 2008Mysticora goes public domain! Download the game and run your own or just browse the game world.
Jan 20, 2008The next turn is delayed until next week, Jan. 27th.
Jan 19, 2008Playtest has restarted as of now. A PBEM game company is evaluating the game for a possible license.
Jan 25, 2006If you are new and find it a bit overwhelming, then simply join the Public Play Position in the forum! It's easy!
Jan 19, 2006We are offering new type of trial game: a short battle-type game called 'Eternal War' in the 'Land of Legends' for 8 players! So quickly join now to get one of the few spots!
Dec 18, 2005Due to requests we will be resuming the trial game again.
Oct 30, 2005Play has temporarily been suspended due to low activity. We are now preparing the commercial launch under the motto "Living World".
May 06, 2005There is a new page (see link below) that shows the latest Mysticora moves that have been generated.
Apr 29, 2005We will be resuming the game shortly; all email addresses are working now.
Oct 20, 2004We are now simulating a turn almost daily!
Apr 05, 2004Here an idea on what we can change in response to the first poll results
Feb 08, 2004We have updated our forums area and added the ability to do polls. IMPORTANT: Please vote on the future of Mysticora!
Feb 02, 2004A bug that was preventing posting in the forums has now been fixed.
Jan 17, 2004Our hard disk crashed and we lost all web-site data from 19th August 2003 onwards. We apologize and will be resuming generating turns next week.
Jul 18, 2003Join our running test game. We've only played a few turns, so you are at no significant disadvantage!
Jul 06, 2003The next entry date for new positions is July 15th. Join now!. We've only played 1 turn, so you are at no disadvantage!
May 13, 2003The first turn of the beta2-phase has just gone out. If you signed up and didn't get anything, then write us an email.
May 08, 2003The setup turns will be sent out this week-end. Sorry for the delay. Last registration chance is Friday!
Apr 03, 2003Phase 2 of the beta-test is scheduled to begin on April 27th.
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Mar 17, 2003Version Beta2 of the Mysticora Graphical Player Utility has been released. This means our beta2 test phase will begin soon.
Oct 11, 2002A new version of the Mysticora graphical player utility (GPU) has been released.
Sep 22, 2002Map and details on the first Mysticora module, the Midlands, now in English too.
Jul 26, 2002German version of Midlands details published (go to german web-site)
Jul 03, 2002The next turn is due in 2 weeks. Days 6th Ice to 10th Ice will be played.
May 05, 2002The beta-test setups have just gone out. The first turn will be in at least 2 weeks from now.
Apr 09, 2002Our apologies. The start of the beta-test is taking a bit more time than anticipated.
Mar 18, 2002Due to some unexpected problems we have to postpone the start of the beta-test again for 1-2 weeks. Sorry.
Mar 09, 2002Due to various difficulties the start of the beta-test has been postponed by a week.
Feb 15, 2002We have given up our previous forum and have moved it here now.
Feb 08, 2002Get the new Mysticora desktop wallpaper or the GPU (alpha) from our downloads page.
Feb 02, 2002The setup system is now online. Many thanks to David Liersch.
Sep 22, 2001The beta-test will begin as soon as we have our online setup system up and running. Click on the "Join Now!" link on the bottom left to check if is already available.
Sep 22, 2001Mysticora has a new web-site! Thanks goes to Oliver Wieland, our webmaster.