The main theme therefore is the simulation of the given world.

The scenarios played will be unique or strongly varied to prevent cross-game information. Up to a thousand (!) players will be able to participate in a single scenario. This game concept is not new as there are quite a few games of this type on the market today. Mysticora therefore will try to appeal to players by differences in detail. Among these are:

  • a more prosaic, less technical style, allowing players to plan more by feeling than numeric calculation
  • a realistic simulation, especially in the economic and military aspects of the game
  • a greater flexibility in the method of how the game itself is run, (e.g. different methods of sending and receiving moves, using a language of choice (English or German so far))
  • a highly detailed background world made with great dedication

Also, the game will enable players who possess a computer to employ it for greater enjoyment and ease of play. More concretely this means players can send and receive their moves by modem or disk. They will be able to create a small database on their own computer and view their turn events more graphically.

Some of the (more or less) new or unusual features of the game will be:

  • A single, large and persistent game world
  • Complex and detailed background stories
  • Multi-level dungeons (the character's adventures in a dungeon a simulated by the program, so that the player gets the results of this within a single move)
  • Armies may have sub-armies with different tactical directives
  • Detailed and realistic combat (again, 100% computer-simulated, with behavioral parameters set by player though)
  • Graphics of many of the game world places and persons. Send in graphics files (BMP, GIF, JPG) of your characters and coat of arms and they will appear on the reports of other players!!!
  • Many different magic classes with completely different systems and possibilities
  • A universal magic system with millions of different combinations waiting to be discovered by you! A randomizing function in this system makes it difficult to predict which combination will be especially effective. Even we know only a fraction of the "good" spells.
  • Death is not the end for your character...