Nolya Maeg, The Timeless Planes

the scenario for Mysticora

dragon with glasses
"Greetings, human wanderer between dimensions, I feel thou wishes to know more about my fabulous worlds"

thumbnail of map of perditia
map of Perditia

The trial module will is set on a small group of islands called 'Perditia'. Although theoretically an integral part of the world of 'Arthia' where this scenario (Nolya Maeg) is set, the inhabitants of these lost realms are trapped here. Therefore the trial positions here will not be able influence the other modules. The map of this archipelago is a grid of 30x30 squares (representing 600km x 600km).


The first Mysticora module of this scenario (Nolya Maeg) to be played is called 'Paths to Power' and plays on a continent called the 'Midlands' in a world called 'Arthia'. The map of this continent is grid of 350x250 squares (representing 7000km x 5000km) and has 1000-2000 towns and cities, 20000 estates, 2000 items (types of items) as well as about 30000 NPCs. The background on this module is detailed and complex containing many stories, legends, and other literary forms, of which the above is only a minute selection. The various nations of this module are markedly different in language and customs (using many medieval European cultures as models), with even complete imaginary languages having been created.


Our latest free trial game is 'Eternal War' in the 'Land of Legends'. A limited number of players (4 - 8) play a short battle-type scenario. Each player must choose a habitation as part of his setup. The game is over with a player winning who has either defeated two other players or who gets 20 prestige points first. A player is defeated when he either loses his main character or his startup habitation. When a game is over a new one will be started shortly thereafter.


"Thus also hark my wondrous tales..."