Play Tutorial

A step-by-step explanation of Mysticora:

  1. What is Mysticora?
    Mysticora is fictional, medieval-type world with magic and monsters. You can play in this world via our email game or use it as background for your pen & paper roleplaying games.

    All you must do is choose a protagonist (hereafter called 'character') to play as in the following example:

    This is the young dwarf Gilmroen of the Dabradae. He has just completed his training to become a warrior and is now eager for adventure. We will accompany him when he first ventures out of his cozy valley into the dangerous world in search of riches and fame.

  2. What is an Email Game?
    Before we continue with our story let me explain how an email game works:
    In an email game a gamemaster or remote computer runs the game. You only have certain parts of the game (e.g. a character) which you have control over. You send your instructions on what you will do with these to the gamemaster via an email. Likewise, you receive the results of your actions via an email from the gamemaster. Each such exchange of two emails is called a 'turn'. This happens on a regular time schedule such as once per week (as it does in Mysticora) until the game ends.

  3. Example Turn
    We will use an example to show how the first few turns are played:

    a.) Register
    To play the dwarf Gilmroen we would need to first 'create' him by entering him into the Mysticora setup system. See our setup tutorial on how do this. We can skip this for the moment though.

    b.) Receive First Turn
    When the game starts we will get an initial turn in which nothing has happened yet. It is simply for confirmation that our data from setup is correct and to get some information on our immediate surroundings.
    Here we see the character sheet for Gilmroen that we received:

    While reading through the event reports we notice the following, interesting rumor:

    Upon hearing this rumor Gilmroen is overwhelmed with curiosity and decides that he must travel forth to investigate this cave. After all, he thinks, no dwarven hero ever became famous for sitting home and drinking beer!

    c.) Write a Move
    So now we do our "move" in which we will instruct Gilmroen to travel to this cave and explore it. We create a text file with (amongst other things) the following two lines:

    We then send this text file as an attachment to an email to CJ Games (
    Read all the possible orders here.

    d.) Receive Second Turn
    A week later we get an email from CJ Games with a report on what happened:
    I guess 5 spore funguses were too many for our rookie warrior Gilmroen so he fled empty-handed. Maybe we will have to find a friend to accompany him next time...

    Note that you can also use a special utility called GPU to review and create your turns. It displays a map of all the lands you have explored and checks if your orders are syntactically correct.

  4. How do I join?
    To join, follow the "Join Now" link at the bottom left of the Mysticora home page:

    Read the setup tutorial on what to do next.