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Setup Tutorial

Step-by-step creation of a position for Mysticora:

  1. Registration
    First, you will need to register if you don't already have an account (otherwise just login instead and go to section 2.)
    Follow the link at the top of the page:

    Then fill out the form. You will need to enter a login name, a password, a password question, your country of residence and your email address.
    Press the button at the bottom when done:

  2. Joining A Game
    Now select one of the games and follow the "Join"-link in that row:

  3. Name Position
    You now see a form for information on your position as a whole. Enter something like "George's family" for your postion, or "George and friends". You can also give a description of a coat of arms your characters and armies will carry. Also, if you want to start in a special place on the map you can mention that here.
    Press the button "Apply Changes" when done. If you do not press that button immediately after entering any text, that text will be lost.

    Note that if you want to play using the graphical player utility (GPU) you must select the proper file format under "Data Transfer"!

  4. Create Main Character
    Next, you will need to determine your main character. Follow the "Characters" link to the left:

    On this screen you will always see a list of all your characters. Notice that you only have one character so far, and that he or she has no name yet.
    Follow the "Edit"-link to change the details of this character:

    Now enter your character's first name plus a family name if you like.
    Then press the "Apply Changes"-button and after that follow the "Descriptors"-link:

    Here you will see the important parameters of a character. Notice that nothing has been determined yet. Two important parameters to set early are race and character class. Change a parameter by following the "Edit"-link in the same row:

    After selecting the character class, you need to choose a "class level". This is basically how advanced a character is. Level 1 characters are beginners in their professions, levels 3 and 4 are masters:

    We shall select a "class level" of 2 in this example:

    Now we must select some skills fitting for this character class. Follow the "skills" tab to the left and press the "Add Skills" link that subsequently appears:

    A large list of skills appears from which we choose "personal combat", "using great axes" and "mining/surveying". Note that choosing "basic" type skills are preferable since they cost less setup points. Press the OK button at the bottom of the page when done.

    On the next page we see how much the selected skills cost. Our selected character class allows us to get two "basic" skills for free. We must determine which two skills that will be. We take our "personal combat" and "using great axes" skills.

    Notice that the setup cost for these two skills has gone now. We have saved 6 setup points:

    Now, continue with going to the other pages behind the "tab"-links to the left. An important page here is "Attributes":

  5. Create Other Components
    When you have enough characters you can create other game components for your position such as a building or an army (=group). Make sure you don't exceed you setup point allowance though (which is usually around 100):

  6. Check & Submit
    When finished and ready to play you must go to the "Check & Submit"-page. Here you will see if your position is error-free and can be submitted. If there are no errors then you can press the "Submit Position"-link in the middle and you are ready to play. But be careful, once you have submitted a position you cannot change it anymore!

    Now all you have to do is wait for your first turn to arrive via e-mail.
    Check out the play tutorial on how to play the game of Mysticora.